Modernization and renovation of existing sewage treatment plants

New wastewater treatment guidelines are issued regularly, often necessitating the renovation or upgrade of existing facilities. System S&P® GmbH's rotating biological contactors (RBC) can be used to renew, replace or cost-effectively upgrade existing sewage systems. Their large surface area enables a huge improvement in effluent results.

System S&P's rotating biological contactors (RBC)

At System S&P®, we offer our customers a (modular) expansion of existing systems or the option to replace defective biological contactors with a state-of-the-art RBC system.

System S&P® is not limited to biological contactor systems, but can upgrade all conventional sewage systems.

Expanding and upgrading existing sewage plants

Stricter wastewater treatment guidelines or increased sewage volumes, for example when new districts are added to the system, often mean that an existing sewage treatment plant must be expanded or modernized. System S&P® compact sewage plants offer an ideal solution, as the modular structure means that virtually any size can be realized, either immediately or in stages.

System S&P® is your competent partner in times of change, especially when retrofitting existing non-aerated wastewater ponds. In most cases, an RBC system is installed between the primary sedimentation tank and the subsequent maturation pond. Alternatively, an additional upstream high-load stage with RIB can be used for dry weather flow, whilst the existing pond system continues to be used for combined wastewater treatment.

System S&P® compact sewage plants are also ideal for converting pond wastewater plants into combined systems, as the primary tank is simultaneously adapted to rainwater management by means of an upstream scoop wheel.

It goes without saying that all RIB systems, whether from System S&P® or other providers, which for example were previously only designed for carbon removal, can be expanded by means of nitrification stages and upstream denitrification.

The effluent results of aerated and non-aerated wastewater systems can be significantly improved with only minor structural changes through the installation of RIBs, due to their highly compact active biomass.

RIB systems require very little additional maintenance, because the System S&P® discs are designed to be self-cleaning.

Lamella separators can multiply the specific surface area of existing post-sedimentation tanks, allowing substantially increased flow rates without changing the external dimensions.

Phosphate precipitation is possible when dealing with particularly sensitive receiving waters. System S&P® offers screens from well-known manufacturers for the removal of solids.

Renovation of existing rotating biological contactors (RBC)

The last 30 years have seen significant improvements in the RBC process. Renovation kits are available for almost all RBC systems, so that existing plants may also profit from these new developments.

System S&P® renovates systems with a disc diameter of 1.5-3.0m for all shapes of tank, including in hard to reach areas. In order to be able to offer cost-effective solutions, rotors are prefabricated as far as possible in our factory and only completed on site. If possible, the new component is delivered to the site ready for installation, and the exchange takes place whilst the plant is still running in order to minimise the environmental impact.

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