Above ground units and indoor installation

System S&P® GmbH supplies prefabricated RBC including tanks, which fit in every building or underground car park. The height of the tanks can be adjusted in such a way that the System S&P® GmbH lamella separators used for post-sedimentation can be fed via a gravity pipeline, removing the need for additional pumps.

Due to their simple design the above ground units are cost-effective

Due to their simple design, the above ground units are cost-effective and extremely flexible. The above ground plants are ideal for:

  • consistently mild climatic conditions (under shade, or for aesthetic reasons in a simple building)
  • inhospitable climatic conditions (in a building to protect from frost)
  • the combination of multiple purification stages (protected arrangement of all aggregates)

The above ground installations are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Low-maintenance
  • Robust

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