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Wastewater volumes and energy prices are rising worldwide. System S&P® combines intelligent decentralized solutions with good effluent results. Easy maintenance, conservation of resources and environmental protection are out top priorities.

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Simple. Robust. Efficient.

System S&P® is the brand name for compact, custom-made and environmentally friendly wastewater solutions. System S&P GmbH from Kirchberg an der Jagst is a company with great experience in the planning, production, construction and operational support of plants in the field of environmental technology, especially plant construction in the wastewater sector.

Since 1983, Dr. Scholz & Partner GmbH, have offered modular solutions for the cleaning of domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater. Since our rebranding in 2015, we operate as System S&P GmbH but remain a family business.

System S&P GmbH wastewater treatment plants are based on rotating biological contactors (RBC). As the biomass remains fixed on the discs (sessile biomass), this technology is ideal for rural areas and is characterized by low-maintenance costs, low excess sludge accumulation and excellent effluent results. With these sewage treatment plants, our customers are well prepared for the future.

System S&P GmbH offers custom-made wastewater systems composed of modular standard components, prioritising efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The advantages of the RBC system are high reliability, ease of maintenance and low energy costs.

System S&P GmbH applies modern quality control to design and production in order to fulfil our customer's needs.

System S&P GmbH is committed to achieving ever more advanced solutions for environmental protection. This results from a constant exchange of ideas between all departments, with our customers as well as with competent partners from research, industry and trade associations.

System S&P GmbH is a medium-sized company that is well-positioned on the international sewage market thanks to our highly-skilled team of 40 employees. Decades of experience with sales abroad ensures the smooth progress of our projects.


System S&P's® wastewater systems protect water resources worldwide through intelligent, decentralised solutions. System S&P's® combine simplicity with excellent effluent results.

Sewage systems designed by System S&P protect water resources

System S&P® is committed to the following principles:

  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainability and careful use of resources
  • Low-maintenance, easy-to-use systems

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