RBC for C-reduction / nitrification and denitrification

System S&P specializes in fixed-bed technology in the form of rotating biological contactors for the biological stage of sewage treatment.

The RBC are the heart of the System S&P® system

The RBC are the heart of the System S&P® system. Continuously turning about their own axis, the plane-parallel disks are slowy rotated, exposing them alternately to the substrate and the ambient air. The biofilm which forms on the biodiscs efficiently purifies the wastewater. By continuously rotating on their own axis, they ensure an excellent biological purification of the wastewater. This results in effective C-reduction and nitrification, whereby ammonium is converted into nitrate. The RBC can also perform upstream denitrification, i.e. the conversion of nitrate into atmospheic nitrogen. Since it is not necessary to move the entire volume of water, the RBC method is characterised by energy-efficiency and consequently low operating costs, whilst delivering excellent effluent results. The aerobic process prevents unpleasant smells.

The size, surface area and number of discs can be adapted to meet the system requirements.

  • Low-maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy-efficient

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