Post-treatment technology

After the main biological stage (RBC), System S&P often uses Lammella separators for post-sedimentation. These have proven to be cost-effective and their special design enables an extremely compact construction.

After the main biological stage (RBC), System S&P often uses Lammella separators for post-sedimentation

System S&P GmbH lamella separators are specially adapted to RBC technology. The excess sludge from fixed-bed systems is highly compact and settles faster than sludge from classic aeration systems, making lamella separators the ideal solution. They are designed for highly effective sedimentation, which also results in an extremely compact construction,  requiring only around 20% of the surface area needed for a conventional secondary sedimentation basin.

System S&P technology ensures that our lamella separators require very little maintenance and are considerably less expensive compared to conventional sedimentation tanks.

Depending on customer requirements and the local substrate and conditions, additional post-treatment processes can be added, including conventional sedimentation tanks or filtration stages, for example planted soil filters or sand filters. In processes that produce excess biological sludge, rotating filters or disc filters are only used as an additional, supplementary stage.

Due to water eutrophication, it is increasingly necessary to remove phosphorus from wastewater. In this context, reference should be made to the European Water Framework Directive.

Through the use of filtration and additional treatment stages, it is possible to reuse the purified wastewater.

The necessary local infrastructure must be available to recyle the excess sludge.

The following methods are used:

  • Gravity sedimentation with or without lamella inserts/lamella separators
  • Precipitation/flocculation with or without active technology
  • Continuous and discontinuous sand filtration, with or without flocculation
  • Filtration using planted soil filters, with or without sludge storage/humification
  • Tertiary filtration using rotating, disk and cloth filters
  • Activated carbon adsorption
  • Disinfection using UV and/or chlorination

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