Hotels and leisure facilities

In recreational facilities, treatment plants are particularly sensitive areas, as there is a risk of guests being disturbed by smell, noise or unsightly buildings.

Ideal for space-saving and unobtrusiove installation

Due to their compact design and ability to distribute the different treatment stages over several levels, System S&P® GmbH sewage plants are ideal for inconspicuous, space-saving installation in existing facilities or new-build projects.

The aerobic process prevents guests being disturbed by unpleasant smells. In particularly sensitive areas, System S&P® GmbH can install biofilters to purify exhaust air. Rotating biological contactors (RBC) are reliable, quiet and low-odour even in thin mountain air at high altitudes, such as alpine terrain, or at high temperatures.

Through the use of additional treatment stages, it is possible to reuse the purified wastewater, for example for irrigation or flushing toilets.

  • Low-odour
  • Visually unobtrusive
  • Simple
  • Water may be recycled

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