System S&P GmbH designs customised solutions for specialised wastewater systems.

Wastewater from Hospitals can be treated, even though it contains Antibiotics and other residuals

System S&P GmbH provides wastewater solutions for breweries, highly contaminated agricultural wastewater, hospital waste, and other special cases. Our RBC technology has already proven its efficiency in practice.

Wastewater from hospitals is characterized by high levels of contamination by antibiotics and traces of other drugs, as well as comparatively high levels of disinfectants, the relative proportions of which change almost daily. The high mean cell residence time (sludge age), sessile biomass and self-regulating operation makes RBC technology the ideal biological stage. Ultimately, hospital staff should be able to devote themselves fully to patient care.

System S&P® GmbH has already realized several systems for hospitals and has extensive experience in this sensitive area.

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